Clorisol Granular Cleaner

CLORISOL is a concentrated, chlorinated detergent for cleaning food contact equipment. It is also ideal to use on hard , porous surfaces such as concrete to remove dirt and grease. Two and one half gallons of water containing two ounces of CLORISOL (completely dissolved) is recommended for cleaning.

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner

This powder provides thorough penetration of encrusted grease and grime. It is highly effective in the removal of those deposits found in baking ovens, especially baked-on fats, greases and carbon. It is recommended for use on deep fryers, cookers and high temperature process equipment.


Pan Soak Granular Cleaner

Pan Soak is a granular warewashing compound that is soft metal safe and designed to handle moderate soil loads in soft to medium-hard water at normal warewashing concentrations.

Packed with strong cleaning and destaining agents, but also the glaze and metal protectants necessary to assure a safe and effective wash.

Safe to use on china, plastics, glassware, aluminum, pewter, and silver.  Will not attack machine parts thereby reducing parts replacement and chance of breakdown. In addition, this product will bring back to life pans that have been previously discarded as “un-usable” due to built up deposits.