Peraclean® 5% Peracetic Acid

PERACLEAN® 5 Peracetic Acid is a broad-spectrum microbiocide used for the control of bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, and yeast. The product can be used in a wide range of Industrial applications ,Including:

  • No rinse sanitizer on food and beverage processing equipment
  • General purpose hard surface disinfectant
  • Bacteria,fungi,and slime (deposit) control in water treatment application

Alpet D2 Liquid Sanitizer / Disinfectant

Alpet D2 SanitizerAlpet® D2 is a ready-to-use, no-rinse, alcohol/quat sanitizer for food contact surfaces and disinfectant for non-food contact surfaces. Alpet D2 is highly evaporative and non-corrosive, making it ideal for water sensitive equipment and low-moisture environments. Alpet D2 sanitizes in 60 seconds and disinfects in 5 minutes.

Arrex 100 Sanitizer

Recommended for the sanitizing, disinfecting, and odor controlling requirements in food plants, dairy farms, and in food service operations where spillage, waste disposal, and reusable utensils frequently create unsanitary conditions. No potable rinse is required.  Effective against most pathogenic bacteria and guards against mold and bacterial buildup when used on and around equipment, as well as on floors and walls.

To address a wide range of pathogenic bacteria including S.typhosa, Staph aureus (antibiotic resistant variations), E.coli, S. choleraesuis, A.aerogenes. PHENOLCOEFFICIENT 26 A.O.A.C. against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhosa, Streptococcus pyogenes, Salmonella pullorum and Salmonelli schottmulleri. ARREX-100 when used on environmental inanimate, hard surfaces at 3.5 ounces per 5 gallons of water is effective against influenza A2, herpes simplex, adenovirus type 5 and vaccinia viruses.

Power 100 Sanitizer

POWER 100 is a heavy duty Quaternary detergent that disinfects and deodorizes as you clean. It is formulated as a concentrate making it economical to use. It is a broad spectrum germicide for mopping or spraying hard surfaces. Its germicidal action is effective in destroying a variety of bacteria, yeasts, and molds when tested by the A.O.A.C. Use-Dilution Test and other procedures