FDCSF Liquid Alkaline Cleaner

FDCSF is an alkaline cleaner for use in the food, dairy and meat processing industries.  FDCSF contains biodegradable surfactants and rinses freely.  FDCSF is a clear liquid with a mild odor. FDCSF can be used in cleaning all areas of restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, delis, bakeries and as a general purpose product in larger food processing and manufacturing plants.

HDLDC 9 Alkaline Liquid Foaming Cleaner

HDLDC9 is a USDA approved, alkaline cleaner for use in the food, dairy, and meat processing industries. HDLDC9 contains biodegradable surfactants and rinses feeely. HDLDC9 is a clear, amber liquid with a slight odor. HDLDC9 can be used in cleaning all areas of restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, delis, bakeries, and as a general purpose product in larger food processing and meat packing plants.

Jiffy Liquid Cleaner

JIFFY is a fast, versatile, effective cleaner for food processing operations.  JIFFY is a unique combination of synthetic detergent and inorganic acid. It rapidly penetrates and removes mineral deposits and hard water films. It cleans and brightens metals quickly and easily, saving time, work, and manpower. Recommended for use on stainless steel.  JIFFY is formulated for multiple cleaning operations. It can be used for manually cleaning such process equipment as stainless steel table tops, counters, food preparation equipment, tanks and piping. It is recommended for removing film and scale deposits on stainless steel.

DO NOT mix with bleach, chlorinated cleaners or anything except water.

MAJIK Liquid Detergent

MAJIK is a blue, viscous, concentrated liquid detergent that is mild and high sudsing.  Fresh clean fragrance which makes it pleasant to work with.  Holds its suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean.  Completely biodegradable and safe for use on any item or surface that is not harmed by water.

Use to clean: dishes, glasses, pots and pans, equipment, windows, woodwork, tile floor and walls, toilets, urinals, bowls and ceramics, general cleaning.

Spray Clean Liquid Cleaner

TRUE SPRAY CLEAN is a specially formulated heavy duty detergent designed to handle the toughest soils in all water conditions. Its unique chlorinated formula eliminates difficult stains, while adding a sparkling sheen to stainless steel.  TRUE SPRAY CLEAN is dispensed directly from the shipping container, thus eliminating messy spills and unsightly areas.  This unique product is formulated to be dispensed through an automated injector system, assuring the lowest possible use cost.  This product should NOT be used for washing soft metals such as aluminum, pewter, silver or gold.