Ozone image from Bristol Seafood. Used to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize food product for added shelf-life, machinery, equipment, floors, drains and contact surfaces and ice machines


Spotlight – Ozone!

Several years ago, a few Seafood Processors discovered the benefits of using Ozone Infused Process Water.  Now, the use of Ozonated water is a conventional practice, essential to ensure standards of quality, freshness and food safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce risk of Listeria recall.  Ozone is the only substance effective against Listeria and other pathogens that can be applied directly to fish.
  • Improves shelf life measurably
  • Sanitize contact surfaces, floors, drains, etc.
  • Eliminates fishy odors
  • Doesn’t contribute to chemical waste
  • Never pay for chemical sanitizers again