Ozone disinfection to Protect Food Processing Chain

From Bruce Hinkle of Food Quality & Safety Magazine, July 20, 2017

The fact is that chlorine-based chemical sterilization procedures cannot protect food products from all risks, as emerging pathogens demonstrate increasing resistance to customary concentrations of chlorine-based food safety systems.  This is where Ozone disinfection plays a role.

Ozonated Water to the Rescue

America’s largest farm operations, food animal processors, restaurants, grocery stores, wineries, and breweries are all utilizing ozone technology in their day-to-day food safety protocols, achieving almost complete sterilization of bacterial, fungal, viral, and even prion contaminants. Aqueous ozone achieves between 99.99 percent to 99.9999 percent sterilization of food products contaminated by disease causing pathogens, essentially, on contact.